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Vogue at 21 months

(CH.Fantasy's DDA Thunderstruck x CH. Goldenbears KC's Silver Lining)

Vogue winning Best of Opp Sex in Sweeps under respected breeder/judge Eva Gordon of His Majesty Mastiffs at Trenton KC supported entry show

Vogue earns her CH by going BOW & BOS -Elmira KC

Vogue winning a 5 point major under U.K breeder/judge Nick Waters

Critique-- Fantasy Brvhrt Stryke a Pose. Scored heavily in type, shape and balance, correct head and expression, well developed neck and body both width and depth, correct angles, well boned on good feet, went well. Winners Bitch.


Vogue going BOS with young Lyric taking a 2nd major at 8 months

Vogue & Lyric party it up!

Baby Vogue hanging out with Daddy Stryker

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